Makeup To Make You Look Like A My Little Pony

Whether your heart is set on Princess Celestia, Twilight Sparkle, or any one in between, this guide will get you one step closer to all your My Little Pony dreams, as Mari Santos at BuzzFeed demonstrates.

Makeup To Make You Look Like A My Little Pony

PonyMari Santos

Pick your color scheme.
Pick your color schemeMari Santos

My wig most closely resembles Sweetie Belle, so I’m going to go with colors in the purple family. Pinks and lilacs are always a safe choice.
Start with a clean base.
Start with a clean baseMari Santos

These ponies are picture perfect in plastic, so you’re going to want to cover up any imperfections with concealer. I’m using Makeup Forever’s Full Cover Extreme Camouflage Cream — a concealer so budge proof, it’ll last through any storm in Equestria.

The bigger, the better.
The bigger, the betterMari Santos

Ponies have gigantic saucer eyes, so we’re going to fake it with some white eyeliner. To extend the whites of the eye, I’m using Barry M’s Kohl Pencil in white. Using the color of your choice, create your ‘new’ lower lash line. I’m using Urban Decay’s Tornado, a deep warm purple.

Add a sweep of color.
Add a sweep of colorMari Santos

Apply the same colour to your lids. To apply the shadow, I used Real Techniques’ Shading Brush; they do amazing, affordable quality brushes.

Create luscious lashes.
Create luscious lashesMari Santos

With black eyeliner pencil, create three top and three bottom lashes. I drew mine on feathery, to mimic natural lashes, but you can go graphic with liquid eyeliner if you prefer.

Add additional lashes.
Add additional lashesMari Santos

On my upper lash line, I used Ardell’s 101 Demi Black lashes in Glamour. I added two individual flared lashes to my lower lash line, placing them over the outer two that were drawn in.

Circle lenses make the eyes appear larger, which is the name of the game when it comes to pony perfection. I’m using G&G Big DM23 Blue lenses from Pinky Paradise, in a surreal shade of blue. They’re great for non-pony looks, too.

Flush by brush.
Flush by brushMari Santos

In keeping with the purple theme, I applied Tony Moly Crystal Blusher in Milky Violet on the apples of my cheek. Wayne Goss makes the most luxurious face brushes and I used Brush 11.

For a complexion even Rarity would die for, Hourglass’ Ambient Lighting Powder in Dim Light is sure to leave your skin full of pearlescent pony glow.

Pop lip color.
Pop lip colorMari Santos

3CE lip colour in #602 from SokoGlam gives my lips a pretty, purple tinge. The texture of this lipstick is not only moisturizing, it’s long lasting too.

Check out how big the circle lens makes my one eye look compared to the other.

Add a wig.
Add a wigMari Santos

Or if you’re legit, go all out with Bleach London, like I do in my dreams. The cutie mark is optional.

You’re done!
You’re doneMari Santos

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Makeup To Make You Look Like A My Little Pony

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