Girl Saves Lethally Ugly Pony

Diego the pony is so ugly he was nearly euthanized. But six-year-old Maddison Biddlecombe “fell in love” with the hideous foal and is fighting to rescue him from the glue factory. Meet The Beautiful Baby and the Equine Beast writes the Daily Mail

Diego has Wry Nose Syndrome, a terrible disease that gives “bent nose and undershot jaw” to the foals it inflicts. Normally, when a pony is this ugly, you kill it, because Wry Nose ugliness correlates with an inability to chew grass. But six-year-old Maddison Biddlecombe—the beautiful, blushing baby of Diego’s owners—fell in love with the monstrosity:

Madison1Best friend: Maddison Biddlecombe didn’t want Diego to be put down just because he has a disfigured face

Diego is my best friend and I don’t care what he looks like, to me his face makes him special. He’s so lovely. We have a lot of fun playing games and he likes to chase me around the field. I love him lots and he gives me kisses and cuddles. People shouldn’t say he should be put down because of what he looks like, it doesn’t matter to me.


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  1. Shame for saying this animal is “ugly”. There is NO such thing as “ugly” except in the hearts and minds of those who point the finger and make such a statement.

  2. Not everyone or everything is beautiful …we all have something imperfect about us! He’s the ugly duckling of the equine world!

  3. Please don’t write an article calling a horse foal a pony or saying the final would be put down because it’s ugly. Being ugly wasn’t the issue a inherited defect was that affect the quality of life

  4. seriously? Put the poor thing out of its misery and get the kid a kitten. Totally the most inappropriate thing ever. This is NOT a fairy tale folks…it’s reality. And the reality is that this poor animal should have been put down immediately. Zero quality of life. Awful.

  5. I think she is doing a great job in saving the foal, Just because he is disfigured doesn’t mean he doesn’t deserve to live, We don’t kill disfigured people for being ugly so why a horse? You go girl! <3

  6. Who ever wrote this should be ashamed! Hideous??Monstrosity?? Ugly Beast??? This is a story of a little girl that sees beauty in everything – and your being discriminatory to an animal that is special needs…..tell me what do you REALY think of special needs children???

  7. He is beautiful and bless that little girl for seeing that in him. I love that she is raising money for him and love the subjects of this story, but I don’t like the way it is written, the way you call him a “monstrosity” and “hideous” And “Assuming he can live down the humiliation of being the World’s Ugliest Pony.” is defeating the purpose of the story of finding beauty in originality and being different and disrespectful. Shame on you for poking fun at the little guy. I sincerely hope things work out well for this little girl and her best friend Diego.

  8. The only question I have is where in the world I can go to donate to help this little girl help her pony? This is too sweet!

  9. I read this story at least two years ago. If I remember correctly, the money was raised but the foal did not survive.

  10. I think this is a story about a wonderful little girl that has a huge HEART, that little horse has a chance in live because of her, you have my faith Maddison keep up the great job and GOOD LUCK TO THE BOTH OF YOU IN ALL YOU DO. I am so proud to know there is someone out there that CARES…..

  11. “Monstrosity?!!”
    “World’s Ugliest Pony?!!”
    “Lethally Ugly Pony?!!”

    This is supposed to be a horse-loving and equine-friendly website…yet you insist on labeling a foal born with a birth defect with these nasty and inappropriate designations. You should be ashamed of yourself. This should put every equestrian who follows you off this website.

  12. that horse is not ugly stop being mean if u were that horse would u like people calling u ugly? Its an animal gosh if u think that horse is ugly go to hell!!

  13. I think this horse is beautiful everything is beautiful this pony is obviously special and one of a kind, they need to be admired anyone would be lucky to have a pony like that.

  14. With a name like Biddlecombe surely it is in her blood. I wish her all the bst and I am sure they will get the necessary support to be able to help this little fellow.
    The profile photo of the foal makes me think of cleft palate in humans for some reason.

  15. I agree with the little girl, he’s still beautiful and looks shouldn’t matter. He can’t help what he was born with, so why call him names for it, you wouldn’t do that to a human baby who was born with a physical deformity, or another animal for having say a leg amputation? The fact he was called ugly in this article so many times is unfair too, along with the words “hideous” & “monstrosity”.
    If this was my foal, I wouldn’t put him down either, I’d give him the best life I could, as I would any other horse. He is no different, he is not ugly

  16. Wow, the author of this is a bit of an a*****e.

    No need to be so blunt and crass about the poor horse, it didn’t ask to be disfigured.

    I know it’s not a human, but never the less it’s a being, and should be shown respect.

    It’s a nice story, and the failed shot at being somewhat humerous in a shock value fashion has made me dislike the author.

    That said, I appreciate being able to see the cute photos of the girl and her pony.

  17. Who writes, and I quote “Normally, when a pony is this ugly, you kill it”…….the public sees information like that and thinks that is the right thing to do. Horses aren’t here on this earth to just be beautiful. This foal is not a monstrosity….oh my gosh….if your child was born with a birth defect would your child be a monstrosity? Very disappointed that this article is written to make this little guy look like a monster. I am very glad this little girl loves him. Putting him through surgery to “fix” his looks is unnecessary. If it improves his ability to chew then may be a good idea.

  18. It’s not how we look that makes us ugly/beautiful its what’s on the inside, this goal is special, and doesn’t look ugly too me, in fact what looks ugly too me is you, so the goal isn’t perfect, but nobody is, especially you, people like you make me sick. The little girl should be proud of herself for standing up for what is right and speaking out for the foal, when he can’t.

  19. I’m not here to offer an opinion on what the girl did, but this article is disgustingly written, shoving the idea that the horse is immeasurably ugly and should be euthanised down the readers throat!

  20. Every animal has the right to live just like us humans its wrong to want to do that to this sweet baby when it can be fixed. I am a animal lover an i have horses ,dogs cats pigs an i will not put one down because it is ugly.

  21. I actually take offense to how many times you call this foal “ugly” or a “monstrosity.” Or to say he was going to be euthanized for being “ugly.” In fact they are euthanized as they cannot eat and most people don’t have the funds for the surgery.

    Hooray for this little girl that she can see beauty underneath and that she is fighting for this foal! You should be applauding this girl and promoting her kindness so that others may learn kindness for animals an humans alike that are born with a disfigurement!!!

  22. Is there a way to send this girl money? I would like to donate. Do you have that information or know where I can get it??

  23. You should be ashamed of yourselves for degrading this peaceful little foal. Shame on you for calling him ugly and hideous.

  24. Please please please stop using words like hideous, ugly, and monstrosity when speaking of this adorable horse. God created him this way for a reason: to teach a wonderful little girl that love doesn’t only happen to beautiful creatures, and worthiness of being loved should not be measured by one’s perceived beauty. This horse is beautiful and loved by a little girl with a huge heart. She is an awe-inspiring little girl. I wish that they were in the USA, because I would love to do a photo shoot for her with her gorgeous friend.

  25. What heartless idiot wrote this piece? Would he have written the same offensive descriptors if the human child had been the one with the deforming condition?

  26. I’m ashamed for the author of this article. It was written in such a disgusting tone. Imagine if autistic children were spoken or written about in this manner. It’s time to learn every being has his or her unique individualism, believing someone is ugly for not looking like the “norm” and shouldn’t have a place on earth because of it is the most entitled and narrow-minded ignorance there is. Shame on this author.

  27. I hope it goes well. Does the disfigured jaw mean an increased likelihood of malnutrition and colic? Good luck with your journey with him :0)

  28. This little girl gives me hope for the future of our species. I think what she is doing is incredibly brave and heart warming. I hope she will look back on this when she is older and be very proud of herself. If i could find the link to donate, i would in a heartbeat

  29. What a sweet little girl. What a horrible World-this poor little foal is beautiful to me too. I love all animals. This is a shocking story of how cruel people are if you are born with a disfigurement etc.

  30. You must one of those “let’s find out if my child is the right sex, or let’s find out if my child has a cleft palate so I can abort it” kind of people. Defect and quality of life issue- you, my not friend are another typical heartless a-hole who is adversely effecting MY “quality of life” -can I have have you and others like you euthanized too?

  31. This article is horribly written. You don’t euthanize foals like this because they are ugly, you euthanize them because it is a serious defect that prevents them from being able to EAT and requires extensive and expensive surgery that may not be successful and that requires an unpleasant recovery process for the foal – and further surgery may be needed as the animal grows.

    It isn’t about looks, it is about quality of life. A foal with a mild form may have good prognosis and thus be recommended for surgery as the expectation is successful surgery will leave the horse able to lead a decently normal life as a horse. A foal with a severe form may have a very poor prognosis and so an ethical vet will recommend giving it a good day or two and then humane euthanasia over putting it through all kinds of unpleasantness that the horse will not ever understand the reason for and that may not result in a horse that can live a decent life anyway.

    Keep in mind that horses are prey animals, which means they don’t like to show pain – so one can be quite uncomfortable and you won’t know it – and also herd animals, which means they like to be with other horses and in fact need to spend time with other horses when young so they know how to be a horse and socialize properly. Major surgery with a long recovery time means a lot of pain and likely also a lot of being kept away from other horses (as usually you want horses recovering to be on stall rest and not running around playing rough with other foals) at exactly the time when a foal most needs to be with other horses to learn how to behave. That is not a kind thing to do to the foal.

  32. The writer of this story is much uglier than the deformed foal! It’s just nasty to call names this way, whether the target is human or animal. Try to grow some compassion. The foal was born this way. What’s your excuse?

  33. I care not that he’s not ‘pretty’. As a retired veterinary technician, I am much more concerned about whether he can eat enough to keep a horse alive as he grows. Most horses graze throughout the day, taking in a LOT of food matter for nutrition. Highly fibrous diet helps prevent colic. I worry that this little guy will face malnutrition and suffer painful colic frequently as malocclusion of his dental surfaces makes mastication ability inferior. Poorly masticated food isn’t well digested, thus it offers fewer nutritional benefits to the body and increases colic risk. I wish her luck with her colt, but I also wish him the fortune of having owners that will know when the quality of a life isn’t enough to justify extending the quantity of life.

  34. Little girl’s heart is in the right place, but she is way too young to be making the 25-30 year commitment this horse may live, essentially as a food cripple. For the initial thousands of dollars he will need just to be able to eat some solid food, plus corrective surgeries as he grows and ages, literally scores of other healthy horses could be saved from the meat auction. Misplaced priorities, over priveleged kids, first world problems.

  35. Brave, Sad, I worry for the long term health of this little man, the funds to care for him, and the fact that he may suffer from hes problems, I do wish them well. And good on them for giving him a chance of life. X

  36. Is that the answer to all living things that are born with disadvantages? I pity your view on life, don’t get me wrong I understand your point but I certainly don’t agree with you.

  37. As a horse professional for a very long time, even after surgery this horse is going to have tons of health problems making it require constant veterinary care for the rest of it’s life.

    You can’t save all the unicorns. Sometimes you have to put natures defects out of it’s misery. In t he wild this baby would have naturally died – and ever importantly so because it’s disfigurement could be passed on.

    The animal is in discomfort from it’s problem. Just put it down. Stop being cruel and making an animal suffer because you say you love it. If you really loved it you’d not keep it suffering. 6K can buy a really lovely horse without any defects and leave people pandering for money from strangers to help them keep something alive that should have been put down anyway.

    People kill me sometimes. Talk about killing with kindness.

    1. And yet I just was on a website showing many horses with this exact condition, who had surgery and are doing well now as adults .

  38. Who wrote this? I guess you think that saying crude things makes you a daring and shocking writer. Get a grip. The horse would not be put down for simply looking different, it would be for difficulty with eating. On top of that, the horse isn’t “ugly”…he looks a bit like a lama because of how his nose and mouth developed, but it’s not a huge deal. Stop trying to impress people with how cold you can pretend to sound.

Girl Saves Lethally Ugly Pony

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